Excerpted from our Formulator K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Wellness. This is something every person is seeking in their life regardless of age or present physical situation. When we consider the role that nutrients can play in preserving and maintaining a better state of wellness several issues come to mind. This is reflected by the fact that healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, and supplements for energy and metabolism, are among the top sellers nationwide. Energy vitamins, which feature the B complex vitamins as well as several key minerals, are in great demand. Since these supplements are generally non-gender specific, they are excellent as the best vitamins for men and the best vitamins for women. It seems our society creates more stress for people than anything else. For this reason stress supplements have become equally popular, as people seek to manage stress without the intervention of drug therapy with its many side effects. Here at our research Institute we have been focusing on supplement formulas to address wellness. These include the stress supplements, supplements for energy, greater metabolism, and healthy aging supplements to help people go through later life with the best possible health they may have. Many of the formulas we have developed for Phoenix Nutritionals fit well into these categories and we feel that they represent the very latest in nutritional science. Make sure to check back soon for information about full spectrum multivitamins. Source, Healthy Information

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