Excerpted from our Formulator K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

It seems that everyone’s looking for increased energy and subsequent well-being. The society that we have created depletes and diminishes our energy levels in many ways. The stress of living, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep habits, etc., all account and all contribute to depleting our energy levels. As we grow older and these factors take a greater toll on the quality of our life, we should consider using liquid vitamin and mineral supplements because of their enhanced and increased ability for absorption. Full-spectrum multivitamins are essential if we are to have a balanced biochemistry.

The supplement should include plant derived trace minerals as well since this group of nutrients is often the most deficient. The best liquid vitamins will also include factors found in stress supplements, healthy aging supplements, as well as provide energy and metabolism support. When you set out to purchase vitamins there are many factors to consider. The full-spectrum formulas that we have developed for Phoenix Nutritionals meet and exceed each of these requirements. Check back next month for more information about liquid vitamin mineral supplements. Source, Healthy Information

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