Excerpted from our Formulator K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

The science of brain chemistry nutrients has been steadily growing for the past 30 years, with recent discoveries holding increased promise. Brain vitamins will likely become the next wave of popularity as increased stress in our lives cause’s imbalances in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Nutrients to support a balanced brain chemistry are primarily select amino acids. Any brain supplement will include this as they have direct effects on brain neurotransmitters that govern such things as mood.

Supplements for depression would also fall under this category. The goal with such a formulation would be to find the right potency and ratio of these amino acids and other nutrients to support a better brain balance. GABA supplements are important but they don’t always support every neurotransmitter. The addition of other amino acids and perhaps herbal extracts would round out the GABA supplement and make it more effective. We here at the Institute of Nutritional Science are in research and development on a broad spectrum brain supplement and hope to have the final formula ready for production shortly. You can preorder Mind Balance so when it comes in it will automatically ship to you. Check back next week for more info about plant trace minerals. Source, Healthy Information

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