Excerpted from our Formulator K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

When considering the development of supplements or vitamins for women or vitamins geared towards women, several factors have been identified as important, namely, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, also; B Vitamins including Folate, as well as Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, and Omega-3 Fish Oils.

In addition to providing this full-spectrum of nutrients, which everyone needs, we also need to focus on appetite control as well is mood support and supplements for energy and metabolism. These factors are very important for women of middle age and beyond. Stress supplements as well as those for energy and metabolism also make the top of the list. Wellness Supplements are many and choosing can be very confusing, but what you need to look for are formulas that provide the largest and widest variety of nutrients for both convenience and economics. When shopping for supplements we often look for cheap vitamins or supplements at lower costs. This is not always in your best interest.

Since you are taking these formulas with expected results of a positive nature, it seems logical that you should get the best possible formula that you can. So the best vitamins for women would include factors in addition to full-spectrum, that address some appetite control, some mood support, stress support, as well as addressing energy and metabolism. The next time you choose to select a single supplement that can address the majority of these issues consider looking for a full-spectrum formula that provides the 100+ nutrients that you need on a daily basis. This will ensure that you are getting the baseline of the nutrients you are looking for. Check back next month for more information about best vitamins for energy. Source, Healthy Information

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