Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

There is still a great deal of discussion as to what is the most efficient and effective delivery system for dietary supplements, and best liquid multivitamin. In most cases tablets offer the least absorption potential especially after age 50, because as we grow older our digestive system becomes less efficient. Capsules offer an ideal alternative and if made properly, can greatly enhance absorption and breakdown. This brings us to liquid delivery systems, which have many advantages over other forms. A hundred years ago liquid elixirs and healthy tonics were all the rage. At that time these preparations contained precious little except a few herbal extracts and a good dose of alcohol. Health tonics today can represent some of the most wide spectrum delivery of nutrients available.

When seeking the best men’s vitality vitamins or the best vitamins for women, we can provide these in a highly absorbable liquid delivery system. Liquid multivitamins, which can represent the best multivitamins for women as well as the best multivitamins for men, can also include factors making them healthy aging supplements as well. Our concept of a good liquid supplement would include a full-spectrum of nutrients that would cover plant trace minerals, herbal vitamins, energy vitamins, as well as stress supplements. Our formula, offered by Phoenix Nutritionals, represents all of these ideal factors and more. The formula currently offers 136 nutrients in the right ratios, potency, and the highest delivery system currently available making it the best liquid multivitamin available in the world.

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