Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

It seems these days everyone is looking for greater energy. This is partly because we try to cram far too much into each hour of every day, often sleeping less than we need and burning the candle at both ends. In addition to these problems, our diet is made up of mostly refined over processed foods that offer little nutrition or nutrients to the living system of the body. Some of the biggest concerns for the majority of people who contact us include healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, natural vitamins, herbal vitamins and of course the best vitamins for energy.

The best vitamins for men and the best vitamins for women would address as many of these concerns and desires as possible. When we consider a multi-faceted supplement, we must also consider other basic factors such as convenience, economics, completeness, and the right ratios for maximum absorption. For this reason we feel that Liquid Vitamins and Liquid Mineral Supplements are among the best choices, especially for those over the age of 50 when digestion and absorption began to become compromised. The formula that we developed for Phoenix Nutritionals, which they call High Vitality Liquid, meets and even exceeds most of these prerequisites. In this liquid formula we have also included plant trace minerals because of their bio-electrical activity, which among other things, increases absorption of other nutrients. These formulas are highly available due to either the liquid suspension or micro thin encapsulation. Check back next month for more info about Performance & Vitality and make sure to listen to real testimonials from real people and make sure to check out all of Dr Whiting’s Special Reports here.
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