Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Plant Derived Ionic Colloidal Trace Minerals. The micro trace minerals are some of the most misunderstood nutrients necessary for optimal well-being. Because of their bio-electrical nature, these minerals are best ingested and absorbed in an ionic negatively charged state. By reducing these minerals to microscopic particles called colloids, we can further enhance their uptake and absorption in the body. The best colloidal minerals would be ionic colloids, which are all natural and contain no preservatives, no flavorings, and no artificial colors whatsoever.

There are several sources for obtaining these liquid colloidal minerals, however in all of our formulations we choose to use the oldest source available, namely from the TJ Clark mine in Utah. The Clark family, many decades ago, learned the secret and the health benefits of ionic trace minerals from the Native Americans. We often hear the term fulvic acid and this term is used and applied to liquid trace minerals that are in an ionic or negatively charged state. Some of the many benefits from ingesting these colloidal trace minerals would include sports injuries, knee injuries, and shoulder injuries to name a few. In addition to apparently accelerating the healing, these minerals have also been used to accelerate broken bone mending.

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