Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

On the Dr. Oz show the term self-care has been reawakened and revitalized even though this is a very old concept. When we speak about self-care we should always and most especially consider internal self-care by providing the body with the essential nutrients that it needs, and regular cleansing or detoxing.

A good broad-spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral formula with the addition of antioxidants trace minerals and amino acids can make up a good starting point. When we consider supplementation we have found that liquid supplements are far more effective because of their ability to be highly absorbed.

If the formula is put together properly not only in liquid form, it can also manage as Energy Supplement, vitamins for women, vitamins for men, as well as being natural vitamins for better performance. The best vitamins to take for energy would be a supplement that has at least the 100 basic nutrients that we know the human body needs on a daily basis. We can also build appetite control and even some mood support into a full-spectrum multi-formula.

As the average population is aging past the age of 50+ many are looking for healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, and those for energy and to increase metabolism. The best vitamins for energy would have sufficient amounts of the B complex nutrients as well as key amino acids, which have all been shown to enhance energy levels. The best liquid vitamins are those that contain the full wide range of known nutrients, thereby giving the user the greatest possible benefit.

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Source, Medical News Today

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