Best Cholesterol Support, A Natural Approach to Helping the Body Regulate Blood Fat

Best Cholesterol Support, A Natural Approach to Helping the Body Regulate Blood Fat
Best Cholesterol Support, A Natural Approach to Helping the Body Regulate Blood Fat

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Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood substances in the human body. Regardless of your viewpoint on the subject, it is generally agreed that excess cholesterol in the blood is not a healthy situation. Cholesterol lowering foods really make very little impact on your overall cholesterol levels. Our CholestEze is one of the most complete supplements, providing all the known factors that can help support lower cholesterol.

This unique formulation, developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science, is distributed exclusively through Phoenix Nutritionals. Each of the ingredients in this specialized formulation has been thoroughly tested and is backed by many clinical studies, verifying their positive effect in supporting the body.

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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Cholesterol Myths

Cholesterol has become a national obsession! It seems that everyone either has elevated cholesterol or is worried about having elevated cholesterol. As a result there is a great demand to find ways to naturally lower cholesterol. Natural cholesterol cures abound, from special diets to supplements and many of them are very effective. In order to determine the most effective natural cholesterol supplement, it is important to understand how the body makes and uses this extremely important substance. As we will soon see, natural cholesterol supplements involve the use of key dietary ingredients and increased fiber. The most effective natural cholesterol supplements combine both into one convenient formula for the user. Methods to naturally lower cholesterol have become increasingly popular.

Where is Cholesterol Made?

Your body manufactures the vast majority of cholesterol found internally at any given time. Cholesterol is vital to so many functions within the body that to blame cholesterol for heart disease is absurd. Cholesterol is essential for brain function. The insulation around every nerve in your body is primarily made up of cholesterol, and what your doctor has likely never told you is that total cholesterol levels below 150 increase your risk of a stroke by almost ten times!! Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver. When the liver becomes congested or fatty due to toxic excess, it can no longer properly regulate cholesterol levels and they begin to rise over the years. Within reason, this is not that serious as long as the ratio between HDL and LDL cholesterol remains healthy. When examining how to lower cholesterol we can choose statin drugs or a more natural safer method.

The medical industry pushes drugs for lowering cholesterol like candy mints. These drugs, called statins, however, have many potential side effects in spite of what your doctor may tell you. If statin drugs are so safe then consider this; statins are the only group of drugs, other than anti-psychotics, that require routine blood tests for liver function as they are so potentially dangerous to the liver. Their side effects are many including nausea, constipation, muscle pain, memory loss, diarrhea, kidney damage, muscle cell damage, cramping, and liver damage. Now, since we have learned that it is the liver that actually manufactures most of the cholesterol in your body and is also responsible for regulating the amount of cholesterol being produced, why would you think taking a drug that can damage the liver be a good idea? Further, cholesterol lowering diets are relatively ineffective since the liver simply produces more. This is where key nutrients found in cholesterol lowering supplements can be helpful.

Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Cutting all of the cholesterol out of your diet is often not the best way to help with the problem. Your body will eventually step up and produce more cholesterol if the diet is too low. There are really no effective low cholesterol diets because of this mechanism. Red wine has been shown to be very beneficial in overall cholesterol management due to the antioxidants in the wine. These antioxidants help to prevent the oxidation and formation of free radicals so the red wine and cholesterol connection is valid. Other cholesterol lowering foods might include olive oil instead of unsaturated fats. Use saturated fats in moderation. Avoiding unsaturated fats and hydrogenated and trans fats will help a great deal as well. Consuming fish, especially fatty fish with high fish oil content and omega 3 fatty acids will also help the liver to function much better. Omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol and to raise the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.

Key Supplements for Managing Cholesterol

The real secret to cholesterol supplements lies in key, targeted nutrients, which include both nutrients and fiber. The increased fiber helps to mobilize and remove excess cholesterol from the blood, while the targeted nutrients nourish and support proper liver function so that the organ may regulate cholesterol lower. Cholesterol supplements will include oat fiber, apple pectin, and psyllium husk as these have proven to be the most effective forms of fiber to lowering cholesterol in the blood. Foods that lower cholesterol should provide ample fiber. Key nutrients for natural cholesterol support should include chromium, guggulipids, pantethine, inositol, and a blend of various phytosterols. The body can effectively use these cholesterol lowering supplements to regulate cholesterol by detoxifying and nourishing the liver. Once liver function has improved not only will cholesterol normalize by itself, but the ratios between HDL and LDL cholesterol will improve as well. Lower cholesterol naturally and avoid the many side effects possible with statin drugs.

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