Nutritional Support for the Cardiovascular system

Best Heart Health
Best Heart Health

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Heart supplements for the cardiovascular system revolve around CoQ10 supplements but there are many other factors. Recent breakthroughs in cardiovascular supplements both in formulation and stabilization, now allow us to use EDTA, one of the most powerful agents, before only available as an intravenous infusion. Heart Wisdom represents the very latest in both science and formulation technology for full cardiovascular support. Vitamins for the heart are many and this formula provides all the known heart health supplements into one convenient formula.

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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Diet and Heart Disease

In spite of dozens of drugs and numerous surgical procedures, heart disease is still the number one cause of death in most industrialized nations. While there are many forms of possible cardiovascular disease, the heart attack is the most common and most feared. Heart attacks can also come as a result of several causes, but the most common cause is the slow and steady blockage of arterial blood flow leading away from the heart. This narrowing of the arteries is called atherosclerosis. In theory, if we could reduce or remove the amount of atherosclerotic plaque, we could prevent the majority of heart attacks. This can now be done, in most cases, by safe, all-natural means called chelation.

Reversing and Preventing Atherosclerosis

Since the leading cause of the heart attack is the clogging up of the arteries, preventing the build up of plaque is essential in controlling this health epidemic. Atherosclerosis prevention begins by controlling the intake of the wrong fats.

Detoxification and Chelation

There has been much discussion as to the benefits of detoxification, especially of the liver and its relationship to preventing heart disease. While there is little evidence to directly link the two, we do know that a regular detoxification of the organs of elimination can certainly help the body to function better overall. The Chelation process also produces specific metabolic waste and detoxification can help to clear this residue from the soft tissues of the body. Routinely we find that detoxifying the body after a specific period of EDTA Chelation has proven to increase the overall wellbeing of the individual. Regular detoxification can also help to reduce blood pressure.

Finding An Optimal Oral Chelation Formula

When looking for an EDTA Chelation formula you should consider the potency and totality of the formulation. It should contain ample amounts of EDTA in a buffered and protected form. Cysteine hcl and vitamin C should also be included in a 2 to 1 ratio. To round out the formula, antioxidants and other supportive nutrients should also be present.

Here at our Research Institute, we have developed a very effective EDTA Chelation formula, which we have used successfully with our clients for many years. Heart disease can be both prevented and managed, but you must take action. This is not a problem that should be ignored. Since atherosclerosis can lead to both heart attacks and stroke, diagnosing and addressing the issue of cardiovascular disease is of paramount importance.

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