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The market is flooded with thousands of nutritional products, most of which were the product of marketing trends with little or no scientific background or basis. All of the formulas developed for us have been carefully researched and formulated by the staff of The Institute of Nutritional Science. Each formula’s ingredients are backed by dozens of clinical studies, supporting both their safety and effectiveness. We are proud to offer the finest combination Full Spectrum and Targeted supplements backed by the science of clinical studies.

Our multi-vitamin/mineral formulas have been assembled to achieve the maximum in absorption by attending to such factors as potency, ratio of one nutrient to another and of course the now famous liquid delivery system. Each of these factors is supported by clinical studies establishing the importance of incorporating these factors into supplement manufacture.

Each of our Targeted Supplements addresses a specific condition, supporting the body nutritionally so that it might be in the best possible position to prevent the condition or to heal itself and reverse the condition. The ability for the body to heal itself from chronic disorders is well established by many hundreds of clinical studies from around the world.

Here at Phoenix Nutritionals we believe in the importance of science as the basis for all our formulations, which is why we exclusively offer formulations researched and developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science. Through their analysis of thousands of medical, clinical studies, we can be assured of the very latest formulas that science has to offer.

We invite you to review our unique formulations that are designed to provide nutritional support for such conditions as prostate, cardiovascular, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, weight loss, and many others. Additionally, our mineral supplements have been designed for maximum absorption by adding key trace minerals to our calcium supplements to boost absorption. Calcium absorption has been a difficult challenge in the past, but clinical studies conducted over the past decade have provided the knowledge so that we can combine trace minerals such as manganese, copper, zinc and even organic strontium to produce calcium supplements that can actually increase bone density. This concept is backed by no less than 7 clinical studies for example.

This is just one example of how each of our formulas is built, using the very latest in science and technology to bring you the very best products possible.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Institute of Nutritional Science. We have included examples of many clinical studies used to formulate our special products. We hope that they illustrate the depth of research that has gone into each of our formulations.

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