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Excerpted from a lecture by K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Energy and Metabolism

It seems these days, due to many factors, everyone is looking for more energy, more vitality, and greater energy and metabolism. Under this category of newly found interest, are healthy aging supplements as well. As greater and greater numbers of the population pass the age of 50, these people wish to hang on to the energy, vitality, and healthy aging as much as possible. In an effort to achieve this people seek out nutritional supplements, health supplements, and natural vitamins as well is herbal vitamins to contribute to this benefit. When seeking a healthy aging supplement one should consider a full-spectrum multivitamin. This formula would contain plant derived trace minerals, energy vitamins
, stress supplements, and therefore would be the ideal vitamin for women and the best vitamin for men. The best vitamins for energy would contain the obvious such as the B complex, but also key trace minerals like selenium, chromium, and others.

If you are over the age of 50 consider using a liquid vitamin supplement because liquid vitamin and mineral supplements are far more absorbable as we grow older. It is possible to find a full-spectrum multivitamin that contains not only the vitamins but plant derived trace minerals, stress supplement, herbal vitamins, and be an all-natural vitamin formula. The concept of creating an energy vitamin supplement is no different than creating any full-spectrum well-balanced formula. This formula should consider both energy and metabolism provide natural stress supplement relief in the energy formula should be the best liquid vitamin available.

When we develop a full-spectrum supplement here at our research Institute, we consider all of these factors including potency, ratios, and of course absorbability. When looking to purchase vitamins, unlike many other products, choosing a cheap vitamin supplement is not always the best answer. These cheap vitamins are often in tablet form and are very hard to absorb, especially after age 50. Septic tanks around the world are filled with undigested, unabsorbed vitamins, and other supplements in tablet form. The best baseline full supplement program would be delivered in a liquid form for absorbability. The next best delivery system would be micro thin vegetable capsules. These capsules can break down in the stomach at 100° in about two minutes time, releasing the contents into the stomach preparing for absorption. Remember, when choosing a full-spectrum multivitamin mineral supplement be sure that it provides at least the 100 baseline nutrients that the body needs every single day.

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