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The trace minerals are often the most deficient nutrients in the body due to soil depletion. Plant derived trace minerals are not only the safest but also the most absorbable as they are most often found in liquid form. The natural fulvic acid in these supplements makes them highly bio-available. Liquid colloidal minerals are the most desired due to particle size. These micro trace minerals support biochemical activity as well as accelerate healing and repair within the body. Of all the nutrients known to play a role in human health, the micro trace minerals are among those most deficient. This is simply because the soils upon which our foods are grown no longer contain these precious elements. Our all-natural trace mineral liquid comes from plant sources, making it completely safe, while maintaining a natural acidic pH from the presence of the fulvic acids, ensuring maximum absorption at the cellular level. Trace mineral drops can be added to many foods without altering the taste.

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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

In nature, humans and many animals are supposed to obtain their mineral needs from consuming plants rich in the full spectrum of mineral elements. Unfortunately, due to poor farming techniques, most of the food grown commercially today, contains less than 25% of the minimum requirement for these essential trace minerals. Prolonged deficiency of these base elements, results in an imbalance in the internal biochemistry of the human body. Over time, this can set the stage for the development of chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and many, many others.

These trace minerals are also very involved in healing injuries such as knee injuries and many sports injuries. Of all the nutrients in the human spectrum, the essential trace and micro trace minerals are often the most deficient. Most multi-vitamin and mineral formulas sold today do not provide these essential minerals at all or if so, only a scant few of the 60+ trace elements are represented. There are at least 60 micro colloidal minerals that have been identified as essential.

Plant derived, minerals are essential for life. By re-supplying these essential micro trace elements to the body from plant sources, we not only meet the body’s needs but do so in a safe and highly absorbable manner. The only safe source of these trace elements is one derived from organic or plant material. The plant has the ability to alter the structure of the base elements by enveloping the minerals in complex organic compounds. By aggressively supplementing the body with these colloidal minerals, we have seen such issues as knee injuries heal in a much shorter period of time.

These compounds are recognized by the human body and, due to their bio-electrical nature, are attracted to the cellular structures of the body, where they are most needed. Once absorbed, these micro trace minerals are responsible for tens of thousands of bio-chemical activities within the body including the formation of hormones, enzymes and many other `chemicals of life’.

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