Targeted Nutrients to Support Brain Balance

Mind Balance
Mind Balance

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It seems in our fast-paced society that everyone is under more stress than may be healthy. This, combined with lifestyle factors that are negative such as lack of sleep, poor diet, and lack of exercise, can lead to mood swings, anxiety, depression, and a loss of interest in life. Nutritional science has identified several key nutrients such as amino acids, herbal extracts, and others, which have shown to help support a balanced brain chemistry. Mind balance is a formula developed for us by the Institute of Nutritional Science. It represents, what we feel is a broad-spectrum approach of nutrients designed to support a healthier brain chemistry.

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Mind Balance
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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Understanding the Brain

The science of brain chemistry is relatively new in relation to work in other areas of nutrition and the human body. Even though brain bio research has been around for almost 40 years, by comparison it’s still in its infancy. Recently here at the Institute of Nutritional Science, we have taken a very close look at the role that natural nutrients, more specifically amino acids and herbal extracts can have upon the human brain. Humans are emotional creatures; we feel, we breathe, and we react to stimulation around us in various ways. These reactions are called emotions and depending upon our state of mind, these emotions can be pleasant and beneficial or they can be extreme and very irritating.

Brain Supplements

Of the top 20 prescription drugs sold in the United States at least 11 of those drugs are either anti-anxiety, antidepressant, or anti-psychotic medications. This gives us a broad idea of how common these disorders are and how much people rely on these drugs for help and support. The major problem with these drugs however, is that they are often times highly addictive. Taking these drugs for emotional crisis is pretty much standard procedure, but often when trying to eliminate these drugs we find the addiction to be extremely burdensome. Also, many people use these drugs as a form of escapism, living on them on a daily basis because of their addictive properties. Suppose we could find a group of natural nutrients, primarily amino acids, along with some select herbal extracts, that could mimic the effect of these potentially dangerous habit-forming drugs without those side effects? Well my friends, we can.

When considering brain vitamins or brain supplements, we need to look at the depth of research done by many pioneers over the last 30 years. Deficiencies in neurotransmitters in the brain can result in such feelings as anxiety, depression, moodiness, and a general loss of interest in life around us. These supplements for depression and other mood issues must contain key amino acids that have been shown to activate and increase neurotransmitter function. Brain balance supplements also should include several select herbal extracts, which have also been shown to be of brain balancing benefit.

Anxiety and Stress Supplements

Since excess stress is almost always at the core of these issues, especially in the early stages, we should also consider stress nutrients and adrenal supplements as well in order to fight adrenal fatigue. Adrenal support supplements would focus on the B complex vitamins especially vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid. Anxiety supplements would also include glandular extracts such as adrenal extract from bovine sources. Of course managing stress and anxiety should also be at the core of the program. Vitamins for anxiety and other nutrients can play an important role but do not always replace the need for stress management techniques. A well-rounded stress vitamin formula would therefore include B complex and adrenal supplements to address adrenal fatigue, combined with glandular extracts. The treatments for anxiety are numerous. The most common of which would be drug therapy. Unfortunately most of these drugs can have unwanted side effects and can be highly habit-forming. For this reason if they are used they should be used for the shortest possible time, replacing them with natural nutrients and stress management as soon as possible.

Addressing Energy & Metabolism

A well-rounded program of nutritional support would also address several other factors of importance to people as they grow older. These would be healthy aging supplements, energy and metabolism supplements herbal vitamins, full-spectrum nutrients, and plant trace minerals. Such a program would be the best vitamins for women as well is the best vitamins for men. When we are designing a program of nutrient support absorption is also an important key factor. We have found that liquid vitamins as far as the foundation is concerned, can enhance absorption. The best liquid vitamins would be a full-spectrum formula, providing the 100+ nutrients for baseline well-being. These would include nutrients for healthy aging, stress supplements, as well as energy and metabolism nutrients. Liquid vitamin mineral supplements are ideal for providing baseline nutritional intake. Once this has been accomplished targeted nutrients can be administered in capsule form on an as-needed basis. For example if someone is concerned about premature aging healthy aging supplements may be added. Since most of us are looking for increased energy as well is a better metabolism for weight control, energy, and metabolism nutrients could also be added to the program. Oftentimes when people shop they look for cheap vitamins or cheap supplements. This is very unwise since the quality, potency, ratio, and absorption factors all depend on a complex and often expensive assembly of supplements. Cheap vitamins or bargain supplements rarely can provide these complicated and complex factors simply because they are too costly.

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