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Blood Sugar Support 90 Caps

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Fibromyalgia Support Kit – 3 LiquidDaily Aloe Vera Oral Detox 3 Bottle 32 FL.oz, 1 High Vitality Liquid 32 FL.oz, 1 The Best Slim Cleanse 60 Caps, 1 The Best Probiotic 60 Tabs

Excerpted from a lecture by K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Targeted Health

When we talk about a targeted health supplement, whether it be for healthy aging stress supplement or general well-being, we speak about more specific applications. A targeted health supplement would address one or possibly more than one specific areas of physical and/or emotional needs. Examples of targeted health would include supplements for arthritis, supplements for diabetes, supplements for better digestion, supplements for menopause support, supplements for prostate health, supplements to support the immune system, and perhaps many others. Another example of a targeted supplement might be a stress supplement, providing stress support nutrients such as the B complex, with emphasis upon vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid, as well is de-stressing herbs such as Valerian and others. The Institute of Nutritional Science specializes in targeted health supplements. We have the exclusive distribution agreement with them for most of their formulas.

Our nutritional support for arthritis for example, is one of our most popular supplements because of the effectiveness and benefit that thousands of people have derived from using it. Our inflammation support formula, called InflamEze, is also a bestseller. This is because inflammation is rampant and epidemic in our society. There are so many factors that can contribute to inflammation and over time the inflammatory response has the ability to break down and destroy tissues and organ systems internally.

When considering a targeted health supplement it is important that supplement provide all of the known supportive factors for that particular situation. Many so-called targeted formulas available on the market fall far short of the completeness, the potency, and the ratios needed for maximum support and ultimate benefit. All of our formulas, researched and developed by the Institute of nutritional science are backed by hundreds of clinical studies concerning the role of nutrients and natural substances in the prevention and support of these various issues.

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