1 Natural Beauty Support 60 Pectin Gummies

1 High Vitality Liquid 32 Fl.oz

1 High Vitality 120 Caps

1 LiquidDaily Essentials 32 FL.oz

1 The Best Slim Cleanse 60 Caps

1 Natural Calcium Support 120 Caps

1 Maximum Digestive Enzymes 90 Caps

1 The Best Probiotic 60 Tabs

Excerpted from a lecture by K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Best Vitamins For Women

When we consider diet support supplements, healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, and women’s vitality, we need to look at a very broad spectrum formula to meet those needs. There are many nutritional supplements available in the marketplace but few of them offer the completeness and totality necessary to achieve all of these goals. An ideal full-spectrum multivitamin would contain herbs, major minerals as well is trace minerals, at a minimum. We also feel that antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fatty acids should also be considered. The best vitamins for women would also help support appetite control and mood support. These issues are very important to women and should be considered when offering the best women’s vitamin available.

We know that it is not a matter of how much nutrient intake you have but rather how much of those nutrients can be absorbed to the living system of the body. This is why we highly recommend liquid vitamins and minerals in supplement form. Liquid Vitamins and minerals have a much higher absorption rate because we can adjust such things as the pH as well as the particle size for better uptake at the cellular level. Many times when we go shopping we often consider price and we tend to purchase vitamins that are cheap vitamins, but that is not always a wise choice because those formulas are often very hard to digest and absorb and they are often very incomplete. While the best vitamins for women and the best vitamins for men are very similar there are some specific differences that should be considered. A woman’s vitality formula should also address appetite control and even mood support as these are issues that are very common and of concern to most women. The best vitamins for energy would be those that have the full package of known essential nutrients because all of these nutrients work together in concert to provide the energy, vitality and wellness that we are looking for.

If a multivitamin formula is assembled properly it should be a diet support supplement, a healthy aging supplement, a stress supplement, and even address energy and metabolism. Such nutritional supplements are not inexpensive to produce. Our full-spectrum multivitamins in liquid form not only represent the best vitamins for women but we feel one of the best liquid vitamins in the marketplace.

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